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The Event

The purpose of this event is to support radio amateurs and short-wave listeners, both in the United Kingdom and overseas, to communicate with other radio amateurs activating ROC Bunkers in the United Kingdom. The event will run throughout the month of October 2023. Whilst not a contest, awards (PDF certificates) will be issued to both activators and hunters submitting logs and demonstrating QSO with the requisite number of stations. Awards are also available for SWL submitting reception logs.

The event is born of a desire to rekindle interest in the activation of ROC Bunkers which was previously managed by the Castle and Stately Homes On The Air Team (CASHOTA). The good work (and recent support) of those who ran the previous programme is acknowledged. The event this October is dedicated to the memory of Chris Darlington, M0DOL, in recognition of his work on the previous programme which has formed a solid foundation around which we have built this event.

However, previous activators and hunters of Bunkers under the CASHOTA programme should note that this is a new programme, with all ROC Post references (ie. Bunkers) allocated new reference numbers. Consequently, Bunker/ROC Post QSOs held before 1st October 2023 are not valid for this event.

The next step, if this event attracts sufficient interest, will be to establish a new UK ‘Bunkers on The Air’ awards programme from 1 November 2023. QSO conducted during this October event will qualify for any follow-on programme. This intention is for the follow-on programme to add a number of non-ROC bunkers.

The event this October is a new endeavour so please bear with us as we refine and improve things, your comments and suggestions are most welcome and should be sent to:

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